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The admin pages section of the Jaunting website serves as a hub for important information regarding the magazine, its mission, and its policies. It includes pages such as About Us, Contact, Privacy Policy, Copyright, and Write For Us. These pages are designed to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of what Jaunting is all about and how they can interact with the magazine.

The About Us page gives readers a brief overview of Jaunting's history, mission, and purpose. It highlights the magazine's focus on recreational travel and the various forms it can take, from weekend getaways to bucket list adventures. This page is an ideal starting point for readers who are new to the magazine and want to learn more.

The Read Online and Read In Print pages provide information on how readers can access Jaunting's content. They offer details on how to read the magazine online for free or purchase a print subscription. These pages give readers the flexibility to choose the format that works best for them.

The Contact page provides readers with a way to get in touch with the Jaunting team. It offers a contact form that readers can use to send inquiries, feedback, or suggestions. This page is an essential resource for readers who want to communicate with the magazine's staff.

The Privacy Policy page outlines Jaunting's commitment to protecting its readers' privacy and security. It explains the magazine's policies on data collection, storage, and usage. This page is a must-read for readers who want to understand how Jaunting handles their personal information.

The Copyright page provides readers with information on the magazine's copyright policies. It clarifies that Jaunting's content, text, pictures, format, and layout are all copyrighted and cannot be duplicated without permission. This page is an essential resource for readers who want to understand how they can and cannot use Jaunting's content.

Finally, the Write For Us and Advertise pages offer opportunities for writers and advertisers to engage with Jaunting. The Write For Us page provides details on how to submit content ideas, while the Advertise page explains how to get in touch with the magazine's advertising team. These pages are crucial for readers who are interested in contributing to or promoting the magazine.

Admin Pages

About Us

Who we are, our history, and what we are trying to achieve

Jaunting is a magazine devoted to exploring and experiencing the recreational travel around the world. Whether it is the weekend getaway or the bucket list adventure of a lifetime, no matter where it is from your own back yard to the farthest reaches of the globe, it’s within our realm of interest.

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Presently, you can read each issue of Jaunting online for free in this flipbook format that evokes the relaxed, comfortable feel of paper magazines. Browse, turn pages, or jump right to the article you are interested in!

Read In Print

Yes, Jaunting is a print magazine, but that print is now high tech!

Nothing is nicer than sitting down and relaxing with a real print magazine or book. Electronic has its advantages, but nothing replaces paper.


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Privacy Policy

Your privacy is important to us. This describes how we protect it.

We are committed to providing our subscribers and advertising partners with the utmost in privacy and security. We abide by all industry guidelines and consistently monitor our management and operating methods in order to maintain our valued reputation and integrity. This is our promise to our subscribers and advertisers. We do not use cookies!


Yes, everything here is copyrighted

Jaunting is copyrighted. Duplicating or hot linking the content, text, pictures, format, or layout of the magazine is not permitted.

Write For Us

Are you a travel writer? Want to be? We want to hear your ideas.

Jaunting and the other magazines in the Amygis Publishing family are always in need of exceptional content. Established writers and newcomers are encouraged to enquire about a particular topic of interest using the contact form.


How to get the word out to the world.

You’ve come to Jaunting at an unprecedented time. COVID restrictions are being lifted, tourism is ramping up, and Jaunting has transitioned away from a web portal format to a more traditional print magazine format.